Exchanging suspended at the Pakistan Stock Market over a technical mistake

The Pakistan Stock Exchange ( PSX ) suspended exchanging on Thursday at 10:40 am after a technical malfunction happened in their stock trading system. Exchanging was hanging when the PSX 100 Shares Index was up by 186, at 36,688 points.

Jawad Hashmi, general manager of Trading & TREC Holder Affairs, granted a notice to all brokers who unable to access the trading network to inform them that the problem had been resolved. Market hrs were extended on Thursday by 30 minutes. The marketplace reopened at 11:50am.

This isn’t the first time trading has been suspended over technical problems. On October 25, 2017, trading was suspended due to a mistake in the trading and exposure administration system.


زین ایک ایوارڈ یافتہ سابق شکاگو سٹی ہال کے سیاسی رپورٹر اور کالم نگار ہیں۔