Drinking water tariff in Sindh to rise by 9pc from July first

KARACHI: Sindh Local Govt Minister Saeed Ghani has declared that the govt is having each calculate to make the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board not only a self-sufficient and revenue-generating organization but also to ensure that the board comes up to the requirements of the consumers.

He declared that the KWSB governing body by a previous option had given the approval to boost its tariff by 9 percent, which would be integrated in accordance with the legal from July first, 2019. The minister, who was talking to the press after attending a conference of the Choose Committee at the Sindh Assembly, in reply to a question, declared: “We have not exempted industrialized zones from the boost in the liquid tariff.”

He declared if the 9 percent boost in the drinking water tariff was measured, it would turn out to be only Rs20 to Rs22 per month improve, which was not even a rupee in a day. Replying to a query requested by journalists, Mr Ghani declared that one of the members of the Karachi chamber had put up the point of view of the commercial spot in yesterday’s conference of the governing board of the KWSB and the conference members had decided in principle to enforce the option of improving the drinking water tariff by 9 percent from July 1, 2019 while as far as its implementation on commercial spots was concerned, the decision had been left with the water board, which would present its record in this regard in the next conference of the governing body.

Replying to an additional query, the local govt minister declared that he had not yet received any notice for contempt of court, but learned about it from the press only. “We stand by our commitment of developing decisions of the court whether we like it or not.”

He declared if he would get a contempt of court notice from Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court, he would certainly look before the court to present his point of view. He declared he was still of the view that carrying out the orders to demolish 500 buildings was against ground realities, as it would result in human tragedy, but if he would be compelled to carry out orders of the courtroom, being a minister he would resign rather than developing the court order. “I don’t see this comment falling in the purview of contempt of courtroom,” he extra.


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