‘Chinese loan accounts for 11pc of international debt’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s entire foreign debt is about $106 billion with Chinese loan accounting for a mere 10-11 percent of the accumulate, while the outstanding 89-90pc is from further sources such as the International Monetary Fund, Paris Club, and other western organizations, Economic Secretary Noor Ahmed declared.

China has simultaneously loaned to Pakistan and invested in the nation, with additional structured within the next phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said to Xinhua. “Through CPEC, Pakistan is using its own natural resources to create electricity which will gradually decrease the country’s dependency on imported fuels,” declared Syed Hassan Javed, Director of the Chinese Studies Centre, School of Social Sciences and Humanities at National University of Science and Technology.

In a current speak with Xinhua, Muhammad Muzammil Zia, plan head of task development and human resource development in CPEC Centre of Quality, an Islamabad-based think-tank, also declared that that CPEC has made 70, 000 direct tasks in Pakistan and is likely to generate 1 .2 million a lot more under its currently agreed tasks, which will help poverty eradication in the nation . According to Moody’s, current execution of CPEC projects is likely to contribute 9-10pc of Pakistan’s GDP in the 2018-2019 while Deloitte declared it would add up to 2 .5 % points to the country’s progress rate.


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