China’s Xi plans to meet top US trade officials

China’s Xi plans to meet top US trade officials

Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to discuss with leading US officials in Beijing this week, a study stated Wednesday, like the world’s two greatest economies hurry to patch up their trade variations before a looming dead-line.

Xi is going to appear on Friday with officials including US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who are in the capital for crunch discussions towards a trade plan, the South China Morning Post reported.

They are under the gun to cover an accord ahead of the March one dead-line fixed by Donald Trump, even though the US president stated Tuesday that he was open to furthering that, based on progress in Beijing.

China has offered to enhance its purchases of US imports but is broadly expected to avoid calls for main modifications to its industrial policies like slashing govt subsidies.

The International Monetary Fund warned on Sunday of a possible worldwide economic “storm” as world development forecasts dip, citing the US-China trade line as a key pivot point.

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