Breakfast may not keep pounds off

The concept that missing breakfast results in weight gain doesn’t mean that eating breakfast will help with weight loss, a research examine suggests.

Researchers analyzed data from thirteen studies where some participants had breakfast and others skipped it. The individuals who had morning meal consumed increased calories and weighed more than people who skipped this morning meal, an analysis review states.

The outcomes may surprise legions of dieters: morning meal eaters consumed approximately 260 calories more a day and weighed approximately 0 .44 kilogram ( about one pound ) a lot more than breakfast avoiders.

The different types of foods people consume may matter at least as much, if not more, than the entire calories they consume or exactly when they have their first meal of the day, added Spector, a self-professed habitual morning meal eater.

“Calories are not the key here ,” said Spector, who started a personalized nutrition company. “Everyone is unique and may benefit from different amounts of carbs or fat based on their genes, microbes and metabolism.”

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