Ali Zafar fake facebook accounts released

Lahore’s district court has directed Fb and Instagram to release information of ‘fake accounts’ allegedly involved with defaming music performer Ali Zafar.

In Television appearances a prior week, Ali Zafar claimed that after performer Meesha Shafi accused him of sexual harassment in April 2018, she released a smear campaign on social media marketing against him. He declared that ‘fake accounts’ are publishing lies about him and that he will demand FIA’s cyberbullying unit to check out the problem.

Based on a court order ( a copy of which is available with Pictures ), the FIA’s Cyber Crime Circle in Lahore has completed first inquiry into the problem and have known as Instagram accounts sanasamir91, sallzjay22 and deeenz82 as committing offenses punishable under Prevention of Electrical Crimes Act ( PECA ) 2016 by “uploading Ali Zafar’s self images with obnoxious/defamatory information to damage his repute in family and society.”

The Lahore district court has therefore requested Fb to offer the basic subscriber information associated with the accounts, along with their IP logs.

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