4 quacks’ treatment centers, 2 labs closed in Dadu

DADU: A combined operation was released against laboratories and also quacks by the area management and wellness division after announcing the figure of 32 HIV sufferers in Dadu district on Wednesday. 4 treatment centers of quacks and 2 laboratories were closed in Dadu and its adjoining places on the day.

Led by Dadu Assistant Commissioner Nazeer Ahmed Soomro, mukhtiarkar Abdul Hameed Khokhar, as well as other related officials, a group of district management and fitness officials raided several private hospitals and also laboratories. An official said to Dawn that those 32 cases were related with several areas of Dadu district and they were under treatment plan.

He declared that from 2013 to March 2019, 32 cases had been confirmed at the HIV/AIDS center at the Civil Hospital of Dadu. He declared the blood samples found positive were again gathered from the sufferers and sent to the central lab in Karachi for confirmation. He declared that after verification those cases were sent to HIV/AIDS treatment center in Larkana. He declared that crackdown was introduced against blood banks, blood collection points, hospitals, maternity homes and quacks in Dadu city and surrounding places. Clinics of quacks were also sealed at Chandan and in the city.


زین ایک ایوارڈ یافتہ سابق شکاگو سٹی ہال کے سیاسی رپورٹر اور کالم نگار ہیں۔